Meet Toderian UrbanWorks

TODERIAN UrbanWORKS is an award-winning Vancouver-based consultancy providing city planning, urban design, transportation, municipal innovation and advanced urbanism services across Canada and globally. Launched early in 2012 by former Vancouver Chief Planner Brent Toderian, TUW builds on Brent’s unique public and private sector experience in Vancouver, across Canada, and around the world, as well as his reputation as a leading international voice and thought-leader in city-building + urbanism.

TUW’s work combines creativity and innovation with the kind of pragmatic results-focus that actually changes cities for the better. Our work isn’t about business-as-usual – it’s about making our cities and communities more successful, resilient, sustainable and vibrant. TUW has a unique ability to understand and work with the needs and aspirations of cities; to “read the moment” a city finds itself in, and advise and assist in how to make the most of that moment, with fresh thinking, creativity, and a drive for real results. This attention to the “will and skill” required for creative city-making not only supports planning and design, but also supports culture change and capacity-building where it’s needed.

TUW’s work doesn’t sit on a shelf collecting dust. Our work, our collaborations, are city-changing.

Services provided by TUW include:

  • city planning and urban design;
  • city visioning and strategic planning;
  • municipal mentoring;
  • policy creation;
  • city-wide and neighbourhood scale plan creation;
  • downtown planning and revitalization;
  • neighbourhood, district and site-scaled master planning;
  • design and architectural guidelines;
  • place-making, public place design and street activation;
  • transit-oriented development and design;
  • general transportation, public transit/transport, walking, biking and active transport strategies;
  • housing and affordability strategies;
  • economic development and job-space planning;
  • sustainability, smart growth and healthy communities strategies;
  • cultural and creative city strategies;
  • innovative land development;
  • design competition management and jury participation;
  • applied urban research;
  • special/unique city-building initiatives;
  • public engagement and community capacity-building; and
  • municipal culture-change and capacity-building.